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RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA at the following address: Málaga, Calle Segismundo Moret 3, Local 1, 29011 and the person who is responsable is Salvador Estebanez Estebanez with DNI 24807224E, is the owner of the website, and provides this for the use by Internet users, with the aim of giving information about the services referred to the rural accommodations which offer and the users can consult them and book them. The surfing and the use of the website imply the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Warning. The offering of the web site has a limited duration to the moment in which the user is connected to this website. The user must read the Legal Warning carefully on each of the occasions on which the use of the Portal is prolonged, given that this and the conditions found in the Legal Warning may undergo modifications at any time.


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In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December 1999, for the Protection of Personal Information, we hereby inform you that, with your online acceptance of this INFORMATION PRIOR TO THE SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT, your personal data will be incorporated in a file which is held by RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA and these data will be eliminated when they are not necessary for the finality for which they have been registered. At any time, you as the accepting party may exercise your right to gain access to, amend or remove your personal data, and you may voice any complaint at the way such data is handled, by way of a communication sent to the address of RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA.


RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA reserves the right, at any time, to modify the present Notice, or the products, services, content, information, configuration, presentation, placement and style of the website. As a consequence, individual Users will be responsible for reading the current Legal Notice every time they access the website, so that if they are not in agreement with any of the conditions laid out therein, they should refrain from using the website.


RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA accepts no responsibility for any improper or fraudulent use of the website. Neither is responsibility accepted for claims or damages caused by malfunctions in the services offered by the website which are not the fault of RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA.


The reservations of the country houses which are offered in RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA are made by means of the reservations section of the website and thanks to the phone 639439528 or the e-mail Anyway, the user will receive all the information referred to the requested country house: availability, total budget and the payments ways for confirming the reservation.

The general conditions of the reservation are detailed in the following sub-sections:

1.- PURPOSE: The purpose of this contract is the rental of accommodations commented previously outlined to the CLIENT for the duration indicated. RURAL MONTES MÁLAGA, hereinafter known as the PROPRIETOR, is the owner of the facilities, as well as all the equipment and common areas.

2.- DURATION OF THE ACCOMMODATION: The minimum is established for 2 days in any season, with the exception of extended long weekends (3- 4 nights). The accommodations will be available from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and should be vacated before 12 noon on the date of departure, except for other agreement.

3.- SERVICES AND ACCOMMODATION CONDITIONS: The country houses are endowed with bed linens, towels and are cleaned prior to the CLIENT arrival according to the requested number of people. Moreover, the normal consumption of electricity, water and gas are included into the price.

The rental of the locale gives the CLIENT the right to use the house with the diligence of a responsible Family Head, as well as the installations in the common areas. For stays extending longer than a week, the bath towels and the bed linens will be replaced once weekly.

The CLIENT is fully and exclusively responsible for making a truthful declaration of the number of persons who will be occupying the house, including children, whatever their age may be, on confirming this reservation. Please note that the PROPERTY may legally refuse entry to those persons not declared, or may otherwise remove them, without their being any complaint in this regard.

4.- RENTAL CONDITIONS: The CLIENT is advised that any irregularities or deficiencies in the rented premises must be communicated to the PROPRIETOR as soon as possible, and without fail during the period of occupancy of the house. The PROPRIETOR will in short order resolve any anomaly or deficiency so long as it has been proved that the causes are in fact those reported by the CLIENT. No claim made after leaving the premises will be entertained, since the most basic requirements for dealing with them would be missing.

On leaving, the CLIENT commits to delivering the accommodation to the PROPERTY in the same good condition for use and enjoyment, as he received it on the day of his arrival, and therefore, he must deliver up the premises in a clean and tidy state. On his departure, the CLIENT will leave the bed linens and towels so that the PROPRIETOR may launder them, so that the next client may receive them in perfect condition.

The number of people does not have to be superior to the number of available rooms which have been rent of the house. The PROPERTY may legally refuse entry to those persons not declared, or may otherwise remove them, without their being any complaint in this regard.

5.- ALTERATIONS: The PROPRIETOR THE PROPRIETOR reserves the right to substitute any property which has been reserved with another of similar characteristics, solely in the case of Acts of God and circumstances beyond the control of the PROPRIETOR. In the case of the client not accepting the alternative offered, the PROPERTY will reimburse the CLIENT for the amounts paid over.

6.- PAYMENT METHODS: The reservation is confirmed when the 20% of the budget which corresponds to the country house and the requested dates has been paid or the 100 % of the total budget. The amount of the budget which is pending can be paid before arriving at the accommodation or at the arrival. The available payment methods are: the bank transfer, by means of PayPal and with credit card.

7.- CANCELLING RESERVATIONS: If the CLIENT only has paid the 20 % of the total budget of the accommodation and the CLIENT wishes to cancel the reservation, the PROPIETOR will not return this deposit.

If the CLIENT has paid the total budget of the accommodation and the CLIENT wishes to cancel the reservation, the PROPIETOR will not return the 20% of this total budget. According to the 80% of the total budget, the PROPIETOR will return the 80% of the total budget with respect to the reservation in accordance with the date on which the cancellation took place.

  • Cancellation more than 30 days from the date of commencement of the stay, return of 100% of the 80% of the total budget.
  • Cancellation between 20 and 29 days from the date of commencement of the stay, return of 50% of the 80% of the total budget.
  • Cancellation between 15 and 19 days from the date of commencement of the stay, , return of 25% of the 80% of the total budget.
  • Cancellation under 14 days from the date of commencement of the stay, , return of 100% of the 0% of the total budget.

The reservation may also be cancelled if the CLIENT does not meet the obligation to pay for the PROPERTY, that is, if the CLIENT has not paid the PROPERTY the amount owing for the reservation within the time limits previously noted under “Payment Methods”, and the PROPERTY will retain whatever has been paid over.

8.- RESERVATION MODIFICATIONS: If the client wishes to change a reservation and the PROPIETOR accept this modification, it will be done. However, if the modification is not possible, it will be seen as a cancellation.

9.- RESPONSABILITIES: The PROPERTY is not responsible for any incidents which may occur during the CLIENT’S stay, such as any disruption in the supply of electricity, water, etc., all brought about by outside forces for which the PROPERTY is neither directly nor indirectly responsible. In addition, the PROPERTY will not be held responsible for accidents which may occur, either in the house or outside. The use of the swimming pool, barbecue, and the other installations will be the responsibility of the CLIENT, who must abide by the instructions given to him.

The CLIENT will be held responsible for all his acts and for those of the persons accompanying him, since he has made the reservation in the name of the rest of the occupants of the house, and in this sense, he must forfeit the SECURITY DEPOSIT, and if the damage is extensive, respond with all his existing and future lands and assets. The CLIENT must observe all the instructions which, to this effect, are displayed in the house and the surroundings, so that these may be used according to normal standards, and taking the proper precautions.

10.- SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit is established in 120 € for Finca Pedregales and Lagar Don Sancho and 200€ for Cortijo La Palma. The security deposit will be returned to the CLIENT on leaving the accommodation, so long as the accommodation and its equipment and the common areas are left in the same condition as when the client began his stay.

11.- COMPLEMENTARY ITEMS: The PROPERTY PROPERTY places at the disposal of the CLIENT the possibility of purchasing firewood. Prices will be fixed according to those in effect at any given time in the accommodation. Payment for the purchase of firewood should be made by the CLIENT to the PROPERTY on entry to the accommodation.

12.- WARNINGS: The CLIENT is wholly and exclusively responsible for making an accurate declaration of the number of persons who will be occupying the house (including children), whatever their ages may be, on making the reservation. It is to be noted that the administration can legally refuse to allow the entry of persons who have not been declared, or if such is the case, to have them removed, without there being any basis for making a claim on them. In addition, it is to be noted that visitors are not allowed.

13.- JURISDICTION: In regard to any and all claims which may be made, the CLIENT as well as the PROPRIETOR will submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the court system of Málaga, to the exclusion of any other tribunal.

In the case of having to bring a claim against the CLIENT for failure to comply with the stipulations of the present contract, or for damages caused during their stay by the CLIENT or his companions, the CLIENT will be responsible for whatever court costs may be incurred by the PROPRIETOR in bringing the action against the CLIENT.